Who are Pitaron?

Pitaron are a specialist eCommerce consultancy & implementation agency who specialise in online multi-channel automation business implementation, as well as on-line presence through different web-site platforms and marketplaces.

Pitaron began trading by collaborating with Linn Systems Ltd, who are at the forefront of the eCommerce industry. They have revolutionised the online selling experience worldwide, through the development of Linnworks – the most reliable and effective integration solution for multi-channel and stock management.

Pitaron instantly recognised the demand for Linnworks order management software, so in 2012 joined their training programme, becoming certified partners and have been implementing the full solution to a growing customer base since.

Pitaron are proud to be at the forefront of the eCommerce industry and are a valued implementation & training provided of Linnworks software, Shopware platform, eBay, Amazon and more.


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What can we offer for your business?

We have a dedicated team of experts, who have successfully improved a wide-range of eCommerce business models. Our specialists have experience working with many different businesses, so will be able to tailor a solution specifically for your business needs.

Pitaron will help create listings and a first-class service. It’s the focus on these aspects that will promote your brand name to a wide audience, leading to an increase in sales.

We can easily provide necessary integration services for linking your online business with global platforms like eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, Shopware, Magento, Big Commerce and many other market leaders – just ask our dedicated team.

Even if your business is currently offline, we can provide all the help needed to turn you into a successful online retailer. Likewise, if your online business isn’t meeting expectations we can help with that too.

Being able to reach previously unexplored marketplaces can only have a positive effect on your profit and market share.

The satisfaction of seeing your business scale and become increasingly more profitable is how we gauge the success of our business. And with many returning customers, we hope to speak to you soon.



Improve your business interface?

At Pitaron we not only offer multi-channel configuration and integration. We can easily give your business a personal touch, through the implementation of a unique and beautifully designed eBay shop front that will improve the experience for your customers. As well as this we can offer a wide-range of bespoke website integration and configuration for eCommerce sites such as Shopware and Magento.

We gauge the success of our services on criteria such as customer retention, and the growth of your business.

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